Beyond Time




Two souls separated by centuries searching for something more in their lives. 

Christian Lancelot Du Lac was never one to take a situation seriously. Growing up he had always been the comedic relief to Jared Bonatelli’s brooding nature. Now, just as The Dark Order welcomes Jared as its new Prince, Du Lac is informed that he must become a first in command the future King can truly rely on. When he repeatedly fails in his attempts to prove himself, Lance is thrown back in time to where his life began, Camelot. What he finds there is more than he could have bargained for.

Drawn to the forest surrounding Camelot, Lady Elizabeth Payne searches for something that seems just out of her reach. Tormented by a pair glowing eyes in the mist she steals away in the middle of the night to find their owner. Thieves, a wolf and the most infuriating savior she has ever met turn her simple world upside down. But it’s the attraction she feels to the newcomer that truly takes her by surprise. Learning that he is Christian Du Lac, the long lost son of the First Knight himself peaks her curiosity even more.

Now on the cusp of meeting her betrothed for the first time, Elizabeth’s heart has been claimed by another. But even a betrothal written in blood is no match for fate.

For Lance and Elizabeth, the odds are stacked against them. Their worlds are destined to remain forever apart. Can time heal all wounds or will the fates change their course and let the star crossed lovers find each other once again?


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~ Excerpt ~


Lance reached out and touched her shoulder lightly. She swung toward him, fists flying. He held his hands up to block her assault. “Hey, calm down. You’re safe now.”

“Nay! Get thee away!” She pulled a small dagger from the pocket of her cloak, pointing it at him. “I will not be your amusement on this night.”

Keeping his eye trained on the business end of her dagger, Lance gauged the situation. Worst that could happen was a minor scratch. The wolf would heal quickly. No, it wouldn’t. Lance cursed. Thanks to Sam’s little bombshell, he could die here with a minor scratch. Damn it.

“Listen, I don’t know who those men were, but I’m tellin’ you, they won’t be coming back, at least not from where I sent them.” Gazing deeply into her eyes, he held his hands in front of him, palms out. “I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to help.”

She frowned. “You speak strangely. How can I trust what you say?” Her grip on the dagger remained strong. Any sudden move and she would shish kabob him.

“Cher, please put the blade down. I don’t want to bruise any part of that perfect skin taking it from you. Let’s just say I’m from pretty far away and traveling.”

Her eyes narrowed. “That is not an answer. Tell me, archer, why are you in these woods? Poaching the King’s deer? His Majesty will not be happy.”

Lance sighed. “No. I’m not an . . . .” He paused rethinking that answer. There was no way he could deny being what she said. If he did, his cover would be blown. “I’m not a thief. I was on my way to meet with Sir Lancelot. He’s my . . . . distant relative. See? Not a threat. Now put that down.”

The blade dipped slightly but immediately came back up. She raised her chin. “I do not believe you. Everyone knows his Majesty’s First Knight has no other family. You, are a liar.”

He’d had enough. Calling him a liar was the last straw, especially when he saved her. His hazel eyes narrowed on her. “I am not lying to you. You, cher, are pissing off the person who saved your pretty little ass tonight. If you’re going to use that thing, do it already.”

Emerald eyes flew open wide. Her jaw dropped. She lunged forward, slicing through his sleeve and forearm. She gasped and sprinted off deeper into the woods.

Lance stared after her, stunned she actually cut him. He completely underestimated her. After a moment’s hesitation, he tore off a piece of his cloak and wrapped it around his wounded arm.

“Sam,” he called into the silent woods. “A little help here?”

The goddess spoke in his head. I shall not interfere, Christian. Think of it as your first test.

“A test? Damn it Sam!” He set off after the woman with emerald eyes. Lucky for him, he still had the wolf’s sense of smell. Her scent overpowered and intoxicated him, which was good and bad. The good? He was able to find her anywhere in this forest. The bad? That same scent attracted attention to her. The kind of attention she wouldn’t need or want.



Welcome to My World

Sandra Bischoff is a Paranormal/Fantasy Romance author living in the historic town of Cornwall, NY. She has always enjoyed dabbling in storytelling. Creative writing was an emotional outlet during her school years but it wasn’t until after her son was born that opportunity struck. A friend approached her to write in a forum on a popular networking website. That was when her passion had found its niche.


Her debut novel, Beyond the Sun, started out as a short story created for the forum but quickly evolved into something else. That was how Jared Bonatelli and a Vampire’s Camelot were born.


The second book in this series entitled Beyond Time quickly followed just in time for the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans. Lance’s story is one very close to her heart. It draws from an obsession with everything King Arthur and Camelot. You witness him go through a period of self-discovery that spans two different time periods.


She recently released a collection sampler containing chapters from each novel as well as her third book, Drakkar Beyond the Lie. This novel continues the world of my Dark Order of the Dragon series. There are many more books planned for this series as well as another time travel to bring a Knight of Camelot to present day New York.



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